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Crafty Wood to You is a family and veteran owned business.

Vernon Gillispie, Sr.

A log time woodworker who specializes in wood turning.  A past veteran of the US Coast Guard, he is the family inspiration into the woodworking world.  After retiring from the business world a number of years ago, he has had lots of time to hone his craft and turn out some of the most stunning projects that can be seen in the Lathe section.

Vernon Gillispie, Jr.

A experienced computer and network professional who has done woodworking as a hobby, decided to meld the two with computerized woodworking.  Specializing in working with the CNC router has allowed us to offer some really unique products and to create that special project just for you. Vernon is a US Navy veteran.

Alisa Gillispie

Specializing in the art of custom signs and working with vinyl, Lisa (as everyone calls her) also manages the business and keeps us on track, which she has been doing for Vernon Jr. for the past 36 years.

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